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Cassia Chaat Masala Spice cube 150gms

Cassia Chaat Masala Spice cube 150gms

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SEASON - CASSIA CHAAT MASALA:  Chat Masala, or Chaat Masala, has a clean, fresh taste with distinctive tangy notes. This Indian spice blend is a staple within kitchens and street-food vendors across India. It’s often associated with the popular Aloo Chaat – a tangy blend of amchoor (dried mango powder), cumincoriander, dried ginger, black salt (kala namak), black pepperasafoetida (hing) and chili powder. Use Chat Masala as a seasoning on your favourite curries, fries, roast potatoes, scrambled/ fried eggs, barbequed and grilled meats. Chat Masala is also delicious sprinkled on cooked vegetables, grilled corn, fresh cucumber, fruit salad and even plain yoghurt for an extra ZING!

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