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Cassia at Home

4 Jar Pack Mixed pack of your choice in a gift pack

4 Jar Pack Mixed pack of your choice in a gift pack

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Stockists - Individual Cassia at Home Korma, Makhani and Karahi sauces are also available from your local stockists, if you wish to purchase a single jar.

For corporate gifting and bulk purchases email us on

All 4 of our signature sauces; Korma Sauce, Madras Sauce, Makhani Sauce and Karahi Sauce. Try the whole range we have to offer and spice up your dinners. Choose the combination that works for you. All packed in a gift box ready to present at any occasion.

Easy to use, simply open the jar, cook your favourite protein and then add the sauce to warm it up. Loosen the sauce (if desired) using coconut milk, water or cream if you wish to change the consistency.

  1. Makhani Curry Sauce:What we fondly refer to as; ‘Butter Chicken’. Makhani literally translates to ‘with butter’. But our Makhani sauce likes to stand out from the crowd. We use cashew nuts instead of butter, for the ultimate velvety medium spicy sauce. Our Makhani sauce pairs perfectly with chicken, paneer, vegetables, beef, lamb and seafood. Vegetarian friendly, contains trace Gluten and trace Dairy. Contains Cashew Nuts
  1. Korma Curry Sauce:There’s a reason this delicately mild curry is one of the most popular in the world, and our deliciously thick sauce with almonds and cardamom will definitely leave you wanting more. Perfect with fish, chicken, paneer, lamb and vegetables. Can be used as a dip with naan or flatbreads as well. Dairy free, Gluten Free and Vegan friendly. Contains Almonds.


  1. Karahi Curry Sauce: Did you know that ‘Karahi’ is the name for a type of Indian iron round bottomed wok? This spicy tomato-based curry sauce will be sure to tickle your taste-buds. The Karahi sauce has a kick and chunky texture as it isn’t blitzed. It pairs perfectly with chicken, beef, lamb and vegetables. Dairy free, Vegan friendly, contains trace Gluten. Nut Free. 


  1. Madras Curry Sauce:Eponymous to the city of Madras now called Chennai this curry sauce will take your tastebuds to coastal India. Coconut, curry leaves and mustard seeds in a medium spicy tomato-based sauce make this a favourite for almost every palate. Gluten Free, Nut free, contains trace dairy.

 Each jar is 500g and serves 4 people. No artificial flavours, no added sugar or artificial colours are added to our products.

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