How to use

Our Curry Sauces

Fully cooked and preserved with pasteurisation, our sauces are ready for you to use. Simply cook your favourite vegetables, paneer or proteins like chicken, lamb, fish or beef and add the contents of your favourite jar of our curry sauce. Warm up and plate up to enjoy. Dinner in minutes. 

You can also use our sauces in your favourite pie as a base or as a base for a pizza... Naan-za anyone?


Our Spice Blends

Chaat masala - Season veggies and barbequed meats with our Chaat masala or mix a spoonful with yogurt for a delicious raita. Sprinkle some on a fruit salad or cooked eggs for some zing.

Garam masala- Add garam masala in the last 5 minutes of cooking any curry or stir fry to balance out the dish with our blend of earthy spices.

Tandoori masala-  Marinade vegetables or meat with a tablespoon of Tandoori masala mixed with either yogurt or oil. Dry rub it on steaks and grill on the bbq. The longer you marinade the more intense the flavour.

Check out our recipes on how to use our sauces and spice blends